Helpful resources and services to help you write and polish your resume.

Learn About Resumes

The rules of résumes are always changing. Below are some of the best resources to check out to be sure you are staying up-to-date while crafting your own resume.

Your Local Library

Don’t forget about one of the best resources to find just about anything you need to learn something new. Most libraries have a great selection of career and job books that can help you get ahead. The best part is that they are completely free! If you don’t already know where your local library is, check out to find one near you.

Writing Your Résume

There are plenty of resources available these days to write your résume. Here are a few that you may find useful.

Resume Templates

Please make use of these free resume templates for creating or updating your own resume. I will be adding more as time goes on so please check back.

Resume Template #1
Resume Template #2

Microsoft OneDrive

This tool has become much more accessible with the release of Windows 10. Sign up for a free OneDrive account and receive up to 5GB of free cloud based storage, allowing you to access your resume and related documents from any internet connected device.

Google Docs

If you're not already wedded to Pages or Word, consider Google Docs as a free alternative. It has plenty of robust editing features which allow you to put together a great resume.


Podcasts are becoming the new go to source for learning new things. People with long commutes can use that time to listen to fantastic free content and learn something new. These are some of my persona favorite podcasts.

Read to Lead

I highly recommend the Read to Lead Podcast to anyone look to learn and grow. Jeff Brown hosts the show and each week he interviews an author about their latest or upcoming book. He not only touches on the key points readers will find in the books, but goes beyond that to press each guest about what helps them be successful and even what they want their legacy to be. Topics include leadership, personal development, public speaking and communication, productivity, marketing and entrepreneurship.

This Is Your Life

I found out about Michael Hyatt through his work with the Chick-fil-a Leadercast. He covers more than just leadership here, but provides tips on how to be more productive with your time, building a platform and delegation. His style is very comfortable and it’s a joy to listen to him speak. I highly encourage you to listen to This is Your Life today.


Regardless of your position or what kind of résume you are putting together, you can always stand to increase your productivity. Here are a few tools that you may find useful to hep you become more productive.


I highly recommend Dropbox for any of your cloud storage. This includes a safe place to keep your Master Résumé for easy access from any device at any time. Get the app for your tablet or phone as well!


I resisted Evernote for far too long. I kick myself every day for waiting as long as I did to jump on this band wagon. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Get the app for your iPad, your phone and your desktop. Even just using the free version, I never run out of storage (yet) and love the way everything syncs between the platforms.