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Unless you have your own business, you probably have a résumé. If you have been working for the same company or in the same role for some time, your résumé is probably outdated. You figure that when you need to apply for a promotion or a new job, you’ll pull out a file saved on a USB drive somewhere and add a few things to it and be ready to go. Have I got news for you! The best time to update your résumé is NOW! Don’t wait until you need to update it. Keep it updated on a regular basis so that when you do need it, you have it ready to go as soon as opportunity knocks. If you haven’t updated your résumé in a while, I can help. Whether it’s a thorough line by line inspection of your résumé or just a quick overview to make sure it all makes sense, I will help you polish things up to look their best. Remember, the point of a good résumé is to get noticed enough to get an interview. The rest is up to you!


There are a variety of résumé review services available online and you can also find them for free through your college or university. What sets Best Word Forward apart is the detail that I will go into with your résumé. My goal is to give you the tools to make your résumé shine but still allow it to belong to you. I can provide those tools at a very low price but I can also use the knowledge and experience that I have to rework your résumé to your specifications.

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What’s Included

When I review your résumé, I take the time to comb through the entire document. I will make various formatting suggestions, highlight anything that I think already stands out, and recommend any deletions. I also offer a personalized letter detailing the items that I feel need to be improved. This can be a valuable addition to the review and allows me to expand on my suggestions and really get to the heart of what improvements you should make.

I typically take 24-48 hours to perform a review. If you need something faster than that, please email me directly.